Jaguar Owner’s Club – Norway

Norsk Jaguar Klubb

A new for us was a client from Norway. The client is non other than the Norsk Jaguar Klubb; Jaguar Owner’s Club –¬†Norway, to you and me. They came to us with an old, dated website in need of a face-lift. On the other hand they asked for something not too modern. You see most of their members have some old, classic and beautiful cars, so they wanted something that would reflect that.

The other thing they needed was a form that would allow members to register through the website, but with the capability to register their cars, too (some of them have more than one). Effectively, it is just a relational database but on the other hand we needed an of-the-shelf, affordable solution because it is only temporary. In comes Cognito Forms! Then they asked some help with email newsletters; let me introduce you to MailChimp and Zapier to connect the two together.

We used the basic plugins like Jetpack (for the easy stats), Akismet and UpDraft. We made use of WordPress’ ability to show different language admin pages to different users. We stick to English (UK), while the clients us Norwegian, obviously. All in all a great project and we now know have some Norwegian friends, too!