About us

We exist as a company for 5 years company but this does not mean that we lack in experience. We got into web design when Netscape Navigator was the browser of choice, all hyper-links were blue and animated GIFs where the future!

Fortunately we have come a long way and with new and exciting technologies like HTML5, CSS, jQuery and modern CMSs (to name just a few) we can design fantastic looking websites that you can maintain and update without any expert knowledge.

On the other hand if you want us to do the content management for you, that is something that we can easily arrange. After all, there are people who don’t want to know what a slug is and why it is important in Search Engine Optimisation to match the post or page title.

We provide complete web solutions from design and development to hosting and marketing.

Our experience with multilingual websites landed us some translation and interpreting jobs. Since we had the required skills at our disposal we added them to our list of services.

So, We can offer translation and interpreting (simultaneous or consecutive) to and fromĀ German, English, French and Greek.