Independent Balkan News Agency

When we were asked if we could do a project for a news agency, we thought that it was an exciting project and we jumped at the opportunity of doing something so “big”. We were not wrong. Within weeks the site had a few hundreds of views a day and now, less than a year later, is in the thousands.

We started this project from zero. We registered the domain¬†(plus some others, e.g.,, etc), did the hosting, and customised heavily the WordPress theme in order to make it look the way the client wanted. We tweaked the CSS, PHP and even added page templates to achieve this result. We also worked on a basic mobile theme. This website has a very specific audience and the content is much more important that the design. On top of that it is mainly accessed through computers rather than mobile devices. We take care of the day-to-day maintenance since it is a site that attracts loads of ¬†hits and we have to be sure that it’s in top condition.