is a community site that promotes Greek-related cultural events in the UK. We are heavily involved in this project from inception to implementation. We even do part of the day-to-day running. The specification was for a layout with a list of the events, including a featured events slider and a weekly newsletter to be emailed to a mailing list. They also wanted Twitter integration and Ad-banner management. Also it all had to be setup ASAP. Time was of the essence.

WordPress was the best place to start. First, we needed to order the posts by “Event start date” rather than the “Post date/time”. After some customisation and a few plug-ins, we sorted that problem. Then we needed to manage the Ad-banners and the mailing-list management. Finally, we had to add automatic post tweeting. So, a few more plug-ins and some heavy customisation of the theme files and it was all done

We are currently on version 3 of this website. Since version 1 we have made loads of changes, but the main feature is that the posts are sorted based on “event start date” and after an event has run, it has to be dropped from the homepage automatically. Obviously, it needs to stay in the archive, so it doesn’t get deleted, really. We recently added  a Classified Ads section as well as a ticketing platform for various events.