Back in 2012, we were asked to take part in a quite interesting project. Manolis Karantinis, a Greek bouzouki virtuoso, did a one-day seminar in London and they had shot a video of it. The idea was to create a website where people could pay and download the seminar video. So it has to accept credit/debit card payments, generate download links for the files, have nice preview files of the videos and be bilingual, too; English and Greek.

Since Manolis didn’t have his own website we registered the domain¬†karantinis.com¬†and hosted it in on our servers. Then we installed WordPress, found a nice theme, installed the relevant plugins, did our customisations on the theme and it was ready.

Then some decisions were made to split the seminar footage to more pieces and they were created as different products. During the summer of 2013, we shot more footage of Manolis showing and explaining how to play the different music scales on the bouzouki. Finally, we made that available on the site for purchase as downloads.