Isaac A. Karipidis

Isaac Karipidis is the London correspondent for a few Greek Media outlets. He already had a website that looked too conservative so we went for a modern design. He needed a news site but with a more personal feel. On it he publishes his news stories (printed press or video), presents his assignments abroad and promotes his exclusive stories. His aim was to gain more business by showing the calibre of his work to the world.

Some of the posts are videos, so we had to have a nice way to present them. He also wanted social network links and a homepage with as many posts on the homepage as possible. In this day and age it had to be “mobile first” design, but the client also wanted some hand-made touches that required patience, time and focus in order to implement them. To top it all up he wanted all that in Greek as well as English.

Since the bulk of the content is news articles and reports, the platform of choice is WordPress with a nice modern layout. We chose suitable fonts to match the content and plug-ins to integrate feeds and links to social networks. Finally we used WPML for the multi-lingual content, menus, etc. Overall, it was a challenge that we completed successfully and the client is pleased with a result.